Ntorq Owners Group Narayanghat

Ntorq Owners Group Narayanghat

Admin | 2022-08-03

Jagadamba Motors, the sole authorized distributor of TVS scooters and motorcycles of TVS Motor Company of Nepal, successfully organized NOG, NTORQ Owners Group, ride from Narayanghat to Golaghat venue at Narayani River View Resort on the 23rdof July 2022. 

A total of 60 participants joined this ride, a larger ride group than the previous NOG Ride to Bhotechaur. The enthusiasm exhibited but the NOG family members made the event a successful and memorable one.

The NOG riders commenced their journey from the concrete floors of Narayanghat. As they advanced to their destination, they were greeted by tranquil valleys and pleasant landscapes of Nepal. While the riders were challenged by the rough off-road trails of the hills, their trusted choice of Ntorq variants helped them overcome it with its powerful pickup performance. 

Before embarking on the journey, the participants were briefed on the road safety precautions to be adhered to throughout the ride by the two marshals, who also lead the riders to ensure the smooth flow of this event. 

Upon reaching Narayani River View Resort, many ice-breaking activities and games like tug of war were hosted by Ntorq, ensuring all the riders got a chance to interact with one another. Alongside, the participants were rewarded with participation certificates and medals. 

As the TVS NOG checkered flags hoisted in each of the Ntorq rides undauntingly braved the wind and the harsh sun, the eventful day came to an end. The Ntorqians took home with them new memories, friendships, and a sense of community of like-minded adventure-seeking individuals. 


Jagdamba Motors is organizing their next NOG ride, and you can become our next NOG participant. Stay tuned for more updates on TVS Nepal Digital Platforms.


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