Ntorqians Ride

Ntorqians Ride

Admin | 2021-09-24

Ntorqians Ride alert!! 

With 50000 plus family, TVS Nepal is now ready to take the Ntorqians on a ride, and it will not just be a ride but also a celebration ceremony. 

Thank you Pradeep khadka, and Swastima khadka, our  brand ambassadors, for taking your time to introduce our beloved Ntorqians and announcing this celebration Ride. 

Registration is open for limited time only, so hurry up cause only first 50 registered Ntorqians will be part of it.


Inorder to participate;

1. One must own any series of Ntorq scooter.

2. One must have a valid driving license.

3. One must register and fill all the questions in the google registration form before the registration closes.


Stay tuned for our next post for remaining details.

For registration:

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