Ntorq Owners Group Bhotechaur

Ntorq Owners Group Bhotechaur

Admin | 2022-06-13

NOG: Bhotechaur


The lush green right outside of Kathmandu valley calls the wanderlust hearts of those inside the hustle and bustle of the city.

What better way than a weekend with like-minded passionate Ntorq Owners Group (NOG) riders ready to embark on a picturesque journey.


Jagdamba Motors, the sole distributor of TVS Motor Company of Nepal, successfully organized NOG ride from Kathmandu to Bhotechaur Heaven Hill Resort, on 28th May 2022. More than 200 riders filled out the NOG ride application however the ride was limited to only 30 people. The organizer assures that the remaining NOG applicants will be given the opportunity to join in future rides.


Applicants of NOG will be provided with special perks like invites to future NOG rides, upcoming international events, and exclusive offers.


At the break of Dawn, the Ntorq Riders came together for the opening ceremony which was joined by 8 well-known influencers and vloggers including Moto Vlogger Rajkumar Thapa Magar, Alisha Khadgi, Thakuri Vlogs, Artists Usha Upreti, and Bipin Shrestha, Male Bodybuilder Amrit Chandra Arya and Female Sanam Mulghuti.


Before the ride commenced, the participants were given complete road safety training and introduced to their team of professional Marshals. The prideful NOG checkered flag placed in all participating Ntorq waved through the busy city into lush green until the destination. Various entertaining games were played among the riders, and exclusive prizes and certificates were awarded.  


At the end of the day, participating Ntorqians took home an unforgettable experience.

It became evident that the aim of the ride was to bring all the Ntorqians in one place and form a club that enables all the riders to communicate and share their NTORQ Experience was closer to becoming a reality.


Jagdamba Motors is organizing their next NOG ride, and you can become our next NOG participant. Stay tuned for more updates on TVS Nepal Digital Platforms.

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