TVS Raider presents Saptarang 3

TVS Raider presents Saptarang 3

Admin | 2021-12-12

Saptarang Season 3 is back! Bigger! Bolder! Better!!


Jagdamba Motors, an authorized distributor for TVS two-wheelers in Nepal, is proud to present TVS Raider Saptarang Season 3 in all seven provinces of the nation. “Saptarangi” is a mega-event held in 7 province states of Nepal with 7 different mega-artists along with many other featuring artists all of whom represent a unique color in the spectrum of light. Be prepared to get star-struck with the presence of dignified celebrities Rajesh Hamal, Pramod Kharel and many more. 

Previously, TVS Apache Saptarang Series Season 2 exceeded the expectations of everyone. And this year, we present a bigger, bolder and better TVS Raider Saptarang Series 3. 


The entire event comes together with one purpose; to show the unity of people in all the 7 states like the seven colors of the rainbow united together exuding the sentiment of brotherhood. It latches onto the common feeling of patriotism amongst all the people scattered within and outside Nepal through our art, people and culture. 


The main purpose of 'Saptarang' is to explain to the people in the same state, through the people, for the people, through art.With this core objective and the support of millions of people, the Saptarang 1 and Saptarangi 2 became one of Nepal’s largest regaining events.

The devastating pandemic hit right after Saptarang 2, injecting grief and fear among the hearts of the entire nation. For its 3rd season, Saptarangi also hopes to become the light to lift heavy hearts, filling our nation with colours as it rises again.


With this positive outlook, TVS Raider Presents Saptarang Season 3 organized by the Grishma Studio Team kick-starting from December 10 till December 24. The locations and dates are mentioned below.-



  1. Kakarbhitta: December 10/ Mangsir 24

  2. Janakpur   : December 12/ Mangsir 26

  3. Chitwan     :  December 14/ Mangsir 28

  4. Nepalgunj  :  December 16/ Poush 1

  5. Surket        :  December 18/ Poush 3

  6. Dhangadi   : December 20/ Poush 5

  7. Pokhara     : December 24 Poush 9

Witness a grand display of music and dance processions that will sweep you off your feet. Accompanied by well-known Singer Badri Pageni, Pramod Kharel, Ramkrishna Dhakal and Anil Singh be prepared to be left in awe by Rajesh Hamal, the main celebrity in the event. 


With the presence of Comedian Sandeep Chettri and Raja Rajendra Pokharel, you are guaranteed to be left in stitches! It doesn’t end here, Singers Malin Newar and Aashmita Adhikari will also be present along with Model Usha Upreti. 



Actor        : Rajesh Hamal,

Singer      : Badri Pageni, Pramod Kharel, Ramkrishna Dhakal, Anil Singh, Malin Newar,      Aashmita  Adhikari

Comedian: Sandeep Chettri and Raja Rajendra Pokharel

Model       : Usha Upreti

Rounding up, the event is expected to consist of many hit Singers, Comedians, Models and our very best TVS Raider. We invite you in this grand occasion, get ready to mark your calendars. We wouldn’t want you to miss this grand opportunity to meet all these colorful stars and watch their performance.