TVS Kaya Palat (Dashain Scheme)

TVS Kaya Palat (Dashain Scheme)

Admin | 2022-09-09

Welcome the celebrations of this festive season in a grand way with the jaw-dropping offers from Jagdamba Motors. The sole distributors of TVS 2-wheelers in Nepal, have come with a fortune turning offers where you can change the course of your luck. This festive season we are offering, the best offers that no one can say no to for our customers under Dashain Scheme "काया पलट". So, are you ready to turn your luck into a fortune? Follow along as it just keeps getting better!

Let's start with our first offer which anyone can participate by just going to and filling out all the important details. Now, spin the wheel to get a guaranteed deal. Just spin the wheel to win up to Rs. 1,00,000/- before purchasing any TVS two-wheeler.

Customers will also get up to Rs. 10,00,000/- discount on any purchase of a TVS two-wheeler from any showroom in Nepal.

Our third exciting offer allows a chosen lucky winner to win a brand new Realme Smartphone through enquiry every day even before purchasing! Yes, we are giving away a Realme Smartphone before purchase every single day!

If this doesn't make you try your luck, our fourth offer surely will because it's a chance to win a 100% cashback prize on the purchased two-wheeler every week! It's truly the best time to shine your luck with "काया पलट".

Oh wait! we have got the best in store for the ultimate offer. The bumper prize! or we would say a prize to change the fortune of one's life. Here it goes! We are giving away Rs. 50,00,000/- to one lucky winner. Doesn't it feel like a fairytale deal? Yes, 50 lakhs! for the bumper winner. So, are you ready to make your destiny, this festive season?

The prize winners will be announced every week Tuesday at 5:00 pm from Jagdamba motors Fb page live.

Also, you can get your new TVS via Babaal finance Offer with the lowest down payment at 20% or EMI starting at Rs 4,277.

Let us remind you again, that you can simply take part in this scheme by filling out the form and spinning the wheel for our first offer to win up to Rs. 1,00,000 and by purchasing any TVS vehicles during the scheme duration to be eligible for the rest of the scheme. So, what are you waiting for? Visit your nearest TVS showroom today and change your luck with "काया पलट".

Still here in disbelief? Go try it out here, as fortune favors the brave:

*Condition Applied

TVS साथ् हाम्रो!