Nepal’s first bike and scooter with SmartXConnect

Nepal’s first bike and scooter with SmartXConnect

Admin | 2021-06-04

The world around us is moving ahead faster and is getting smarter by the day. TVS believes in keeping up with the advancing technology and times and is now proud to be the first in the 2 wheeler industry in Nepal  to introduce a smarter riding experience with SmartXconnect a cutting-edge technology that takes riding experience to a whole new level.

SmartXConnect feature is a Bluetooth enabled system that offers unique defined insights to riders. It is versatile and offers a wide variety of utility as well as racing services such as race telemetry, lean angle mode, navigation assist and so much more.

Navigation Assist

Getting to our destinations has become much easier these days, as we use our phones and navigate our way through the streets. However, most of us still rely on our smartphones or smart watches which can be inconvenient and dangerous whilst riding. With TVS Smartconnect this changes, as the inbuilt  navigation system shows you precise location on your rides console itself. The digital console guides you for an easy navigating experience. This ensures that the rider’s attention remains on the road. There are two modes available for navigation. The trip mode is for short rides and the system saves the trip details after the bike ignition is switched off. The tour mode on the other hand, allows the rider to choose the destination and navigate accordingly.


Last parked location

It can be tricky to remember the exact location of your rides at times. This useful feature will save the last parked location on the app once the vehicle is parked at a place. The user can check the location of their vehicle on the map with the app and it helps the rider to find their vehicle with ease.


Caller ID

Another super useful feature on the TVS SmartxConnect is the Caller ID which is designed for the safety and comfort of the riders. Receiving an incoming call while you are riding can be haselous. The Caller ID function allows the rider to see the ID of the caller on the screen itself. This prevents the riders from getting distressed about the incoming call or distracted by it. Another feature in this is the smart reply function which automatically sends a reply to the caller, letting them know that the latter is riding.


Lean Angle mode

The new TVS rides use the gyroscopic sensor on the phone to record the rider’s lean angle at the corners. The level is displayed on the racing console whereas the app records the in-depth angle of lean through a lap. It ensures that the racer knows the absolute limit at every corner and keeps them safe for a fun riding experience.


Multiple Stop Plotting

When the riders are navigating with the tour mode, this SmartxConnect feature allows the riders to plot multiple locations in between their ride/tour. When the rider is out for a long tour, they can use this feature to plot certain landmarks or viewpoints. The feature even allows the bike to save the riding history even when the ignition is turned off.  


Race Telemetry

The Race telemetry is a racing feature of the TVS Smart Connect which interprets the data collected during a race for the rider to use and analyze. It can help the rider to achieve optimum performance by showing them with stats what they need to improve and work on.


Why settle for less when you can get the best. Upgrade to a smarter riding experience today with TVS SmartConnect.