How does a scooter make urban commuting easier?

How does a scooter make urban commuting easier?

Admin | 2020-01-09

When I began working as a Marketing Representative at a pharmaceutical company. My work required me to visit different hospitals to attend doctor’s and pharmacy’s calls for order bookings. Initially, I didn't have any means of transport and was traveling by public transport. But the terrible traffic situation of Kathmandu made traveling by public vehicles very difficult as I had to travel for almost 3-4 hours daily. I was constantly tired and restless after attending each call.  

I knew I had to get a scooter but since I wasn't familiar with automobiles and two-wheelers, I was confused about what to choose with regards to power, performance, and affordability. My brother is quite familiar with two-wheelers and so I approached him for his opinion.  His very first recommendation was TVS Ntorq 125. As an Apache owner, he was impressed with the performance and durability of TVS. However, I was still confused as there were so many other scooters in the market 

that claimed to have a better resell value. So, my brother took me to a TVS showroom to show it to me for real. Firstly, I was blown away by its sporty looks. I had never seen a scooter with a full LCD and smart connect system before. It was impressive but I wasn’t entirely convinced yet. So, I took it for a test ride. After taking it for a spin and I was fully convinced with the performance of this machine. It also had other unique features like smart connect digital display, disc brake at the front, and an exhaust note along with a very comfortable seat.

I now own a Ntorq and have been commuting with it for the last 3 months. Commuting around Kathmandu is now a whole new experience. My chaotic and hectic traveling days are over. I can now travel safely and comfortably. My Ntorq has a great performance and is quite easy to shuffle in traffic too. It has made urban commuting easier. Owning a TVS scooter has helped me perform my duties effectively and I am proud to say that I own one of the most powerful and sporty scooters in this segment.


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